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Our Vets

Katkinz Happy Pawz Rescue is proud to use the services of Stroud Road Vets and work with their knowledgeable and friendly staff.

We highly recommend them and are very happy with their skilled level of knowledge, compassion and professionalism 



We have a good working relationship with a vets in Gloucester who treat our injured or unwell cats or spay, neuter, vaccinate, microchip and flea and worm in preparation for their new homes.
The team here are incredibly supportive and work alongside us tirelessly to save the injured and unwell cats in our care. We believe that cats with long term health conditions deserve safe and suitable forever homes. 
You can contact Stroud Road Vets on the details below or email them via our link.

01452 757000365

Stroud Road Gloucester GL4 0DA |


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