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You can change a cat's life

We rely on our supporter’s kind donations to keep running.


We currently do not have a bank account for Katkinz Happy Pawz Rescue, so we would please ask for donations to be sent to our paypal account or to make a cash donation. 

Please note that this is only temporary until we have set up our new account.

Once this is set up, If you feel able to make a monthly donation, however small, please set up a Direct Debit using the  new details.


Food donations can be arranged to be dropped off at the centre or using our Amazon Wishlist to order online. 


You can also support Katkinz through the Gloucestershire lottery, please see details on our News page

We also have food donation bins at the Centre,  Stroud Road Vets and Morrisons Metz Way.  


You can make a donation through Paypal via the link above: 


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